Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Bogus Group photo!

Yay, I did do something tonight! It was time to update the group photo of Bogus, since they've all had some changes in custom content, eye color, etc, so I "Frankensteined" pieces of different pics to get the final shot. All pics had to be sized appropriately, which probably was the most tedious part:

Had to rotate this one a bit:

This was flipped horizontally and rotated for Scott's hand, and the ring was colored out, since it's his right hand. I used the original, with the ring on, to make Jory's left hand.

Scott's left hand was cropped from this pic, then rotated around to sit on Val's waist:

Started cutting stuff, adding stuff...

Added those hands, had to add in Val's arm to properly sit in front of Scott's hand

Cut Jory's arm off, ewwwwwwww

Slid him in there, and added another hand on Shep's shoulder

Then did a lot of painting, put it to a dark background, and voila! The new pic!

The full-size one can be seen here.

Looks like I wasn't done, yet. I wasn't completely satisfied with both hands on the shoulders, so I cut and pasted again. Came up with this one (and this one was REALLY hard):

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