Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sims 3 Custom Content Creator's Camp: Day 2

On Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009, we were back in the labs for most of the morning, then shortly after lunch, we were divided into two groups, and got to watch a voice session with Nicki Rapp. You know Nicki as the child's voice from Sims 2, and she's done voicework for MySims, as well. She is now recording for Sims 3.

I have known Nicki on myspace and we've been in touch for a little over a year, now, and so I was excited to see her in action. That voice is unmistakeable; the first time we heard her giggle into the mic, there was a collective chuckle in the room. She really talks like that! And she's as bubbly and perky as she sounds. Toward the end of the session, they asked for any volunteers to step into the booth with her and try to record something in simlish. I was surprised that Nicki was able to see me and call out "Come on, Val!", but I declined. The camera crew made me a little shy! But teasingmeat stepped forth and did a great job with her. A lot of "Bla bla bla bla..." in a man's voice, set to the animations of a child on a monitor. Pretty funny to see!

I shot a few pictures, and recorded a couple of video clips on my little Canon Powershot. Unfortunately, my memory card was full by the time teasingmeat got behind the mic, so I'm glad others were there with much more professional equipment.

The man standing in front of the glass is EA/Maxis Audio Director Robi Kauker. He gives a good history of simlish, and how the voice acting process has progressed from TS1 through TS3.





These are the video clips I shot. They are in order, but I kept shutting the camera off, unsure of how much room was left on my card, so it's not a smooth transition from one video to the next!

This is the one you want to watch if you want to really hear Nicki in action!

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