Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This was too insanely funny not to share. Background: Last night I had been texting with two friends and making the most insane typos. Much of what I wrote was gibberish. At the time, I blamed it on the 3 glasses of wine I had with my Dad (call it a pre-surgery "celebration") - even though I was simultaneously posting on Facebook from my laptop just fine. (Yeah, had some time on my hands last night...)

This morning I discovered the REAL reason why my iphone's autocorrect was acting so obnoxiously.

Notice anything unusual, here? (Hint: I speak ENGLISH)

That little globe thing next to the space (espacio) bar switches the keyboard to spanish. How I did not notice this last night, I do not know. So, basically, my iphone was autocorrecting my english as spanish. But remember, I did not know this at the time.

So, here we go! Text convo screenshots, and the corresponding FB posts! (All real names have been edited)

Here's convo #1. Immy thought I was hammered, and I couldn't explain I wasn't! My phone was outta control!

Here's the conversation going on over on Facebook at the same time as the texting. Immy thought I was just making typos because of the wine! Nooooooo...

Immy went to sleep because, at 22, he's apparently become "old and prudish". So my aussie "Female Friend" and I got vabbly. "Vabbling" is a term my forum members came up for my chatty moments. Val + babbling. Get it?

"Female Friend" and I decided to have some fun with it, and just let the auto-correct do its job, without us correcting it back. I still didn't realize mine was in Spanish. As should be expected by now (see VRevis: Pornographer), my entrance was a memorable one. Kramer the "Assman" ain't got nothin' on me! [/Seinfeld reference] (Ha - blogspot reads html ">" as actual html...really? Seinfeld reference is an html command??) So while I spoke spanish gibberish throughout the conversation, my "Female Friend" posted random whacked-out fortune-cookie-type stuff.

(To explain that last bit with the picture of my sheet, I accidentally took a pic of my sheet, somehow got stuck in MMS mode, and couldn't get back to the regular conversation. The only way I could get back was to send her the pic, which was very random of me, yes?)

The Facebook threads follow us along.

"I meef a translatoe!"

THE END. (...or is it? )

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Contact via email

I just realized tonight that my contact information on had an expired email account as my contact address. I have now reactivated that account, so your messages from the site should get through. I have also added another email address which will go to my main email account.

You can contact me at


My apologies for any inconvenience.

Also, registration for the CJ forum has been reopened! Membership is by approval only.