Friday, January 19, 2007

Already slacking

Yeah, here it is, the 19th of January, and I've already forgotten this blog...

Not much has happened with the site. I can't remember what I posted last, but I redid the layout on the links page, and I made some shiny new buttons for the front page, but can't figure out how to get them to show up on the page! All I get is a white box. Very frustrating. So, I'm stuck with the white underlined links until I get that straightened out. Despite the name "CuppaJoe", Java and I do not get along. (Get it? Geek joke! Oh, dear God what have I become...)

Still entertaining a few ideas for videos. Right now I have nothing concretely planned, but I do have a few things bouncing around my otherwise empty head. There are a couple songs I *really* want to do, but haven't figured out the best approach. I would love to do "Anna Molly" or "Megalomaniac". How can I get Incubus and the Sims2 to co-exist? No synchronized-dance scenes. I'm lost!

I do have some fun-type, typical "VRevis" vids in mind, too. One project I keep coming back to is a video dedicated to my forum members. I have many of their self-sims (and if I don't have a self-sim, I can make one. Bwahahahaha), so it would be fun to cast them all. Haven't decided to go with a single song (and if so, which one?) , or a medley (which would be tons more work, but fun). We'll see.

Also on my to-do list: yet another (this will be the third) remake of "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. The last one I did, I really dropped the ball. I got so fed up with it, got to a point where I literally hated the song, and I probably shouldn't have it on my site, at all. I left it there, though, because it's fun to see how I've progressed, in theory. In actuality, I cringe if I even think of watching it. I will do a much more fleshed-out storyline, this time. I have a better handle on editing, and I have a good idea of where I want to take that video. Same basic premise, but this time it should actually come through. Also, I want to re-make the very first video I did, "Hella Good", by No Doubt. I did that one a year ago, and I was so proud of it, haha. This was before I knew that Sims2 machinima was actually a *thing*. I thought I just did something really cool with in-game animations set to music (I invented machinima!!!). Now that I know there is a niche for this type thing, I'm wanting to redo some of my earliest efforts. I have started work on a re-edit of that video: cut out plumbobs, etc, but it looks like I'll have to reshoot a lot of scenes. I don't want to make it anything more than it was initially intended to be. It will remain a techno-club-dance video, but without all the newbie technical errors. I did, actually, already do a re-edit of "Let's Get It Started". I was quiet about it, because the original was so well-received. The one that is downloadable off my site is the new edit. Not a lot has changed. I like that video as is. I just wanted to make a couple slip-ups less apparent. One, I got rid of altogether. Another, well, it's still there. I couldn't really edit around it without losing the smoothness of the transitions to/from the surrounding scenes. It's in a tight spot. I'll just say it's a good thing my camera-work has improved since then, as well as my editing. Not that anything is perfect, now. No, even in the videos I'm the most proud of, I still feel they have a "rough around the edges" look to them.

Okay, just meant to write that I haven't done anything and ended up Vabbling, again.

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