Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will the Real VRevis Please Stand Up?!

Turns out, neither EA nor God was able to restore my VRevis account on the sims3 website. I now have a new one, with the awkward moniker "NewVRevis". I did not come up with that, myself. EA did.

Long story short: I created the account in January. I was set to be featured on April 10. But my account was broken by that time, and my video was linked to a 404 page, so they swept it under the rug. I contacted EA early June, everyone scratched their heads, and finally, after being escalated to "tier 3" last week, I thought things were fixed. I could log into my VRevis account. Yay! But I couldn't find my pending friend requests. Boo! I put in friend requests, and wrote a couple of blog entries. All blog entries and newly confirmed friends were now showing up on a phantom VRevis page, which did not have an avatar, any friends listed other than the few I had just invited, or my videos or sims. But the link-back at the top of the page was my original account's url. What. the. eff. I sent screenshots back to EA, and they threw their hands up in the air and said "sorry for the inconvenience, your account is beyond repair". And they gave me the log-in info for "NewVRevis". I spent a few days gagging over the horrible name, then today started setting things up, in earnest.

Here is my page. As of this posting, I'm using one of the default avatars. FYI: I would never be caught dead in a purple, argyle, turtleneck sweater. That is wrong on three levels: 1. purple 2. argyle and 3. turtleneck. I have to reinstall my game to set up a new avatar, now that I've updated my OS to set it up on OS X.

So, send friend requests to that account, NOT the original VRevis one, because it is *poof* gone. You'll get a 404.

Hopefully EA will be able to transfer over my work from the original account, and give me my featured status, so I won't be completely hosed. I uploaded the video I did using the mashup tool at EA last January to my YouTube account. Here it is on the sims 3 site, but under the broken VRevis account. I had to favorite it just to get it somewhere on my new page. I feel a little silly doing that.

So, feel free to contact me over on, and keep your fingers crossed that I won't lose my stuff!!

Edit to add:

I have posted an intro thread on the official Sims 3 bbs, just to jump right in, feet first. This is the gist of it, so far:

Me: Hi, I'm VRevis
Sims3 bbs (in unison): We have no idea who you are.

It's going GREAT!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

God will fix my EA account. I have faith.

Been a little while since my last update. RE: the EA borkened account situation: the second ticket was closed after being escalated to a higher authority. After 100 "escalations to higher authorities" I can only think that EA is now calling upon Divine Intervention. Ticket #3 was submitted to God, along with text files of the previous tickets, so I didn't have to go through the whole song and dance, again. I just hope the helium balloon holding the ticket made it all the way up...

Video: I got nothin'. Sorry. As much as I'd love to do a video, I gotta first make some room on my harddrive, which I actually did, so that is no longer a valid excuse. I tested a few scenarios out, have two projects planned, but got no farther than wardrobe on the female character.

In other news, I will be moving Shep's blog "Of Angst and Shepitude" to blogger. It's set up, Shep just hasn't posted, yet. Someday, children, someday. Seems we're both in a creative rut.

And because I need some "filler", here, a curious thing I have noticed in my referring url log: I have several recurring referring urls leading to my forum and this blog. The most popular recurring url for this blog, just after anything Sims Creators' Camp-related, and google searches on my name (why do you people do that? Haven't you figured out by now I'm not in the least bit interesting?), are a google search for "upskirt accidental nudity", ya pervs. Probably because of this entry. As for the forum's referring urls, I can thank my status this past year as an internet meme in a small segment of the Sims community for driving many folks to my index page. I am legend.

I have much more to update you on, a bunch of nothingness, but it's what I do best. But the time is now coming up on ... oh, hell, it's PAST 4:30 am, now! My son starts highschool today, and I must be up in a few hours to see him off. So, sleep beckons.

Before I go, Shep wanted to close with this:

"Until next time, children, peace out."