Monday, March 31, 2008


Eau N'eau! Say it ain’t s’eau!

I just got a popup when I logged into Myspace tonight, saying something to the effect of "Now your myspace friends can be notified when you install an application!"

Say WHAT?!

Applications on myspace? Isn’t that a Facebook thing?

I know people argue vehemently for both sides: myspace vs. facebook. They do it with just as much passion and conviction as they do for other important social issues: politics. Religion. Nvidia vs. ATI. But the reason I came back to myspace and took my facebook account inactive was because of those daggum apps. Okay, it’s not so much that I mind the apps, themselves, as I didn't exactly have a gun to my head when I added all gazillion or so on my profile; it’s the OVERWHELMING GUILT I feel when I see I have 597 pending requests, and I know I will never finish shooting teddybears and hugs at people before dawn, so I skip over them, then wonder if my karma will be shot to fucking hell...

And, oh. my. god. My poor animals. I went on an adoption spree and adopted about 15 cyber pets. I hired a babysitter before I ran screaming for the hills. I hope she’s treating them well. My giraffe and my goldfish must MINGLE!

OY VEY, My conscience cannot handle facebook!!!

I do have to admit Pirates and Parking Wars are pretty killer, though. I played Pirates for about 48 hours straight, long enough become a level 223 Corsair Pirate (#4 in most levels gained in a week!!!), talk several friends in a chat room into
getting hooked on it, and to develop a reputation as a vicious, evil, gold-stealing, bomb-throwing maniac. I found bombs personalized with my name on every island. Arr, matey, they be swabbin’ the deck with me face! But they’ll ne’er get me buried booty!!!!

Then I just quit playing. Ha.

And Parking Wars. What is it that is so interesting about it, anyway? I made $500,000 and got a new car! It’’s...a towtruck? Still, it’s fun ticketing my friends. Currently none of my cars are parked legitimately. Will my towtruck get towed? There’s something to ponder...

I keep thinking maybe I’ll activate my facebook account just to see what my friends are up to over there, but the whole thing is so mind-blowingly overwhelming to me. So I play on oldschool myspace, even though many of my friends have abandoned it for facebook.

I don’t want apps on myspace! No apps! NEU! I shall whine and stomp my feet and shake my fist, bitterly. CURSE YOU, TOM!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, wassup witchoo?

Just a brief update on things:

"Only" won the Best Film of February, 2008 on Sims99, so that's had me pumped. I finally got my "star reviewer" status on 99, as well. All that binge-reviewing paid off! I need to get back into it, though. I tend to review a whole slew of videos at a time, write up these in-depth reviews, and burn myself out.

Been getting into the improv thing, so that's been keeping me busy, and offline. So has a really, REALLY bad router/mac issue.

That's about it for now. I tried to be as boring as possible in this entry. I think I did a bang-up job.