Monday, January 21, 2008

The Return of Cuppa Joe

New forum is up, registration is open, Cuppa Joe is BACK! Membership is by admin approval.

The NEW Cuppa Joe

I am really enjoying the new forum. CJ is back to the way it was when it started. The mood is great, very upbeat and friendly, and the people are as crazy as ever, but in a GOOD way. And it's been hopping!

I have taken on a few more admins to help out until I get the hang of SMF. I have a great team of moderators, as well, who will help keep CJ in the spirit in which it was formed, over two years ago. It's great to see some old faces coming back, and I think everyone feels this is a fresh start for CJ. The heaviness of the old forum is gone. The drama of the past few months has been completely obliterated. It's unbelievably freeing.

We're still getting things shaped up, and I have much more I want to do with the forum (host downloads, for example), and it will be a while before I get everything hammered out. But, so far, so good!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eau N'eau!

I got my forum's anniversary wrong. It's actually the 7th. Hold the fireworks one more day, folks.

Insomnia still sucks!

To make up for my egregious error, I will post one of my favorite comedy bits of all time. Fnorky!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

News flash!

It's 7:12 am and I've been awake most of the night. Insomnia sucks!

Just a quick note on a couple of things:

I was notified by a friend, yesterday, that A Sims 2 Christmas won Honorable Mention for December's Movie of the Month at Sims99. I didn't even know I was in the running, so I'm pretty excited about that. Warhawke's Snow White Queen took top honor as Movie of the Month, and deservedly so, and taizhu's Sweet Dreams of Silent Earth also took Honorable Mention. Congrats to Warhawke, and taizhu!

January 6 marks the 2nd anniversary of the A Cuppa Joe forum. Two years, and still going strong. Wow. I never would have thought it would ever have taken off like it did. Thanks to all the great forum members who have made it a place many call "home". And happy birthday, CJ! Here's to at least two more great years!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Business

A friend of mine has asked me about collaborating on a video. It will be a big departure from anything I've done, before. She's not a Sims 2 movie-maker, but she is an awesome set designer! She is going to design all the sets, and I'll be working the video end. Sounds like fun, and I'm open to the challenge. I hope to get started on this soon. I haven't even heard the song, yet, but she gave me the general idea. Should be lovely. At least, I hope so!

I also will be switching forums, soon. I'm just waiting on my databases so I can convert. I'm not taking new registrations, right now (in fact I've had to prune down to 415 members), but once the new forum is set up, I'll have the link on my site. I'm very excited about the move. I'm not thrilled with Invisionfree, although their tech support has been great. It's easy to use, but it doesn't have enough features, as far as the admin/mod cp goes.

Happy New Year, and here's to a great 2008!