Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Transatlantic Jam

I have to show you all this. It's so awesome. I've watched it probably 15 times, already, sent it out to my entire friends list on YouTube, and I'm still amazed, and want this guy to get VIEWS! Subscriptions!

(I'm digging the whole "promoting YT artists" thing, can you tell?)

This is my friend, screenname Kansaslo, linked to in a previous blog entry. Here's his link, again:


And a transatlantic KICK ASS jam collabo with prboyd

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Making of Only Time

I had a lot of questions asked about the "Only Time" video, because I'm now in with a new circle of non-simming YouTube friends. Musicians, artists, awesome folks. They've been so wonderful with the encouragement, the support, putting my video in their VLogs, sharing them with their friends lists...wow. I'm amazed at the reaction I've gotten for this video!

Since the machinima thing is new to the majority of them (as is the Sims 2 game, itself), it was suggested that I do a "making of" video, just to give an idea - a very basic idea - of how a video like this is made.

This is not a "how to make a Sims 2 video" tutorial, I don't go into technical aspects like video editing, camera techniques, or anything like that.

As an explanation, in the comments for this video, I posted this in response to one viewer who is fascinated by the whole thing, but is still confused about how it's done, even after watching this video:

About not understanding any of this: I'm not showing the technical stuff, like what goes on in the editing process; that would be a whole different video! My main point of this video is to show how much illusion is involved in these. Anyone who's played this game knows it doesn't play like this. But if you develop an eye for subtle animations (rather than stock), you can convey just about anything. Developing that eye is THE most important thing in making a convincing video.

Hopefully I've shown that it's like any form of visual art, from photography to filmography to painting. You have to have an eye for composition, for lighting, for angles, for timing, for nuance. Those subtleties make a big impact. For example: pushing in close to a character's face tends to draw the viewer in, and brings more emotion to the shot. There was a lot of that in this video.

Here's the "Making Of" video for "Only Time". Special thanks go out to a few great YouTube friends: Kansaslo, encinitasmel, and Twirretwarre. Please check out their channels. There's some great stuff on YouTube!

Edit to add:

I certainly didn't expect honors on this one!

Friday, April 18, 2008

VRevis is back in the game!

Yeah, I actually make videos, too! I've been slacking in that, preferring to gush over other people's videos, instead. Not that I mind that at all!

This one is to Enya's "Only Time". Thanks to encinitasmel for passing this along to his friends on YouTube!

Gotten a couple of honors so far (I always take screenshots, because these honors are so fleeting...)


Heh. Yeah, see? Already changed. And it says I have 3 honors. Where's the third??


The mysterious third honor has appeared, today:

Edit: April 21

Woot! Down to one honor, but it's a weekly one:


Friday, April 11, 2008

Spreading the word for a funny guy

I've been a fan of OneManSho's since I saw his "Simpsons Character Impersonations" video months ago. He's doing a series that is so much fun, called "What song is this?". He actually memorizes the song backwards, tapes himself singing it (yes, backwards!), then runs what he just sang forward, revealing the song. All the while using props. It's amazing. I wish I was that coordinated!

Here are the three videos in the series, so far, and the fourth is a thank you video, and he put the link to my and two other YouTube channels up with a special thanks for getting the word out. That is so incredibly awesome of him, and I so appreciate it. So, I'm giving him this entire blog entry! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

What Song Is This 1

What Song Is This 2

What Song Is This 3

"A Thanks and A Post-Filming Apartment Tour"

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Digg it: Spreading the word for some friends

Just doing my part in getting word out! Be sure to check these guys out. I had a Digg account, but it went 'splodie, and took all my "diggs" as well as the submission I made for "Push". Sorry, Jack! Digg hates me.

I guess I'll just embed the vids, here, since I can't use the Digg link.

This has become one of my favorite Jack Conte originals. When I first heard it, I liked it a lot. Now I find myself listening to it from my YouTube VLog several times a day, and I already know the words by heart. I cannot wait until he makes these new songs available for download. Killer stuff.

This is one I just submitted, then it went *poof*. Jack's first videosong, "Push". Love it. Raw emotion.

ETA April 10, 2008

The latest in the series. This one is wild. Gonna c/p the title, cuz it's long and I'm too lazy to type it all out: Radiohead's Exit Music for a Film matched with a prelude by Chopin, Op. 28, no. 4

And another mondo-talented friend...Daniel Lee. I originally had blogged directly off of the Digg page, but since it gives a seperate blog entry for each one, I thought I'd just keep adding to this one. I'm sure Jack won't mind. ;)

This is Daniel Lee's cover of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah". I posted some links for dleeoriginals on my links page at acuppajoe.

Check them out! He's got a very smooth sound, and I see some big talent emerging.