Thursday, February 8, 2007

Why didn't I just hit "Publish"?!

Lost another long blog entry thanks to my closing out the preview window thinking it would ONLY close out the preview window, and not the whole damned unsaved blog entry.

*drums fingertips on desk

No laptop, yet. I'm expecting the Asshole Technician to call anytime...

Yeppers...N E time...

*looks at watch

Is this page done loading, yet?

*chews on a pen cap

*spins around in chair for fun

*bats at little birdies and stars circling her head

So, lappy is in the shop, but I do have a laptop that I am borrowing from the folks. I'm going to give you the specs, but please TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR ENVY.

Drumroll, puh-leeze:

This is a Thinkpad 600E, circa, oh, 1997 or 1998.
It has a super-powerful 363 MHz Intel Pentium II processor,
a whopping 288 MB of RAM, and a SUPER roomy 6 GB harddrive.

Can you feel it? I am nearly DRUNK with the power that is sitting in my lap.

...hang on, it's thinking I want to activate the voice-thingy
(pardon my technical terminology)...

...and what's with this borked-up formatting?! Why isn't my text wrapping?!...

So, it's a little quirky. "QUIRKY" HAS NEVER HAD TO BE SENT IN FOR REPAIR.

I can't watch videos smoothly, can't play the game, I can't do much of anything but type, really, but only if I have maybe 3 windows open, tops. By that point I'm already seeing a lag between my typing and what shows up on the screen, so I often end up typing things twice things twice.

Another fine feature of this remarkable little wonder is that it has built-in memory enhancement. I don't mean computer memory, I mean Val-memory. There are memory-strengthening exercises in this baby that would make an elephant drool.

Here's how it works: there's no battery in this thing. Batteries are for wusses. So, I type out a long blog entry (like I just did!),then I sneeze, which pops the power jack out, causing everything I've just typed to vanish into thin air. So...I must retype everything I had from memory! It's like that card game you played as a kid, only so much more intense.I can remember VERBATIM what my last blog entry said. Okay, so it was a copy/paste job, and the lyrics to a song (since taken down. Don't ask.). Even the smallest of victories is a Beautiful Thing.

Enough boasting. I don't want you all to hate me. Besides, I'm having a bitch of a time trying to get the formatting right.


mizzpinkster said...

I hate computers too. ur funny.

Val said...

Thank you. I don't hate computers, computers hate me. But I'm guessing since you DO hate computers, you are not even a tiny bit jealous of the power I have before me.

RainbowTigress said...

Poor Val...I truly feel your pain. *hugs*

Val said...

Thank you.

But... you're not jealous? I could throw this thing like a frisbee and I think it would still work. Still wouldn't be able to do anything fun on it, though. :P With my real laptop, all I have to do is look at it wrong and it goes 'splodie.

Technology has come so far! You can now explode your computer in a fraction of the time it used to take! haha

The ISZ said...

I know I can go asplode like really fast. See I just did and no one even knew it. :-P

Sorry about your laptop. I got my power supply in the mail today and now we can't get XP to load. Doh!

Val said...

Aw, man, that sucks, Isz! Hope you get that sorted out, soon.

I have not gotten any word on when my laptop will be sent back. I feel so lost!!!