Thursday, February 1, 2007


My laptop is in for repair. Man, I am NOT happy with the IT guy that was handling this! (Notice usage of the past tense...)

I took my laptop into Microcenter yesterday, waited 45 minutes in traffic to do so, and had a new inverter board ordered. They said no problem, and that I could take my laptop back home with me. Cool. So I head back home and am almost 2/3 of the way there, about to get on GA 400, when I get a call from Microcenter. They said they were sorry, but couldn't just order the part and I needed to bring my laptop back in so they could ship it off. They said to be sure to back everything up because there was a slight chance it would be sent back with a different harddrive.

Oka-ay. So anyway. I said no problem, there's no harddrive IN it. (I had taken the harddrive out because I knew there was a chance it would need to be shipped out, and this is DEFINITELY not a harddrive issue. The LCD backlight problem can be reproduced without a harddrive. Last time I had it sent off, it was delayed because it took 3 days to back everything up. This way, I figured I'd save some time.) They said okay, then just bring it on in and they'll ship it out. I took it back, waited in the same damn traffic, which was now worse thanks to a busted gas main at rush-hour, and dropped it off.

I just got a call from the asshole technician at Microcenter. I got a message from him earlier saying what the guy told me yesterday: they needed to ship off the computer, I need to make sure to back everything up because they might have to wipe the harddrive or send back a new one. I called back, got voicemail, and left a message saying there's no harddrive in the machine, we went over this yesterday, go ahead and send it off, already.

Asshole technician calls me back saying he just got my message. He said "The thing is, we need to send in a complete unit, otherwise we're gonna send it to them, they're gonna send it back saying 'there's no harddrive in it, that's the problem', OR they're gonna try to replace the harddrive." I said "That's ridiculous! This isn't even harddrive-related." I said I don't see what difference it makes when the problem can be reproduced simply by turning the machine on. No harddrive necessary! I also told him that the harddrive that was in it was a new harddrive I'd purchased seperately from the laptop, a more powerful one, and I wasn't about to send that off if there was a chance it would be lost...

(     !!!)

...or replaced with the standard 80 GB 4200 rpm piece-of-crap-harddrive it had, originally. He then said "Well, do you have the original one?". I laughed incredulously and he said "You think this is funny, ma'am?" Okay, that pissed me right off. 

I told him I took the machine in so they could look at it and just have the part ordered so I could repair it myself, originally. He says "You were gonna fix it yourself, huh?" I said "Yes. It's the inverter board." He said "You're sure about that?". I said, yes, I was fairly certain. He laughed and said "Ma'am, I work on these all day long and I can't tell you how many times I thought it was the inverter board at first, then once I got in found it was the whole screen that was shot, or something." Okay, firstly, that would be my problem, not his. And secondly, WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH HAVING A HARDDRIVE?

He explained to me that they used to send in test harddrives in cases like this, and then they either don't get them back, or they get them back broken. (AND WHY WOULD I WANT TO SEND MY HARDDRIVE IN TO THESE PEOPLE, AGAIN?! Not exactly selling yourself, here, pal...). He kept saying, "If we get the machine back and there's no harddrive in it, or the harddrive is broken, it's not our fault. Do you see my point?" No, I didn't see his point. Who *cares* whose fault it is? I sure don't! It wouldn't be my harddrive, so it wouldn't be my problem. Besides, obviously it's the fault of the people they're sending it off to, and it sounds like they're sending my machine off to a bunch of fucking monkey-heads, if you ask me. Is he insinuating that it would be MY fault if their test harddrive was lost?!

It's all good, now, though. I called back, told them I wanted to deal with a different technician, and the guy I'm dealing with now is much more reasonable.

But, won't be too much I can do on the site until I get my lappy back.

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