Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back in Black

Got the laptop back. It looks great! I have a brand-new scratch-free LCD panel, a brand-new shiny back arrow key, and QWERTY imprinted on my forehead because I can't get the damn thing to boot up. It's the BIOS, I don't understand the BIOS, and I won't touch anything to do with the BIOS.

So, I'm still on the Thinkpad while my laptop sits on the floor next to me in all its black-screened glory, waiting for the bios to be...uh...whatever you do to the bios. Or whatever.

Yeah, that.


Anonymous said...

have fun, val. :P Hope you figure out what the bios is...

Val said...

I did, and I did.

Gina said...

Hey Val!

Please call me. Business is good, and we are ready to roll.


Val said...

Cool!!! Will do!

Val said...

M'kay, I called you. Let the phone tag begin! LOL

Also responded to your email.

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