Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey, Apple: "This is SO GOING IN MY BLOG!!!!!" - Barney Stinson

This isn't funny, Apple. Not funny at all. I've been an Apple Apologist for years, now, but no more, since they could have damn well KILLED ME.

So, my 2007 MacBook Pro's 85W power adapter (original) started burning and spraying heavy blue and orange sparks last night where the cord had pulled apart, exposing wires at the point of connection; this is the part that was on the floor, so not something I would have noticed, had it not been for the magnet end charge light acting up. Cord was not frayed at that end, so I checked out the other end and saw what was going on. I unplugged it before it could catch fire, pretty freaked out, and bummed that I was going to have to spend $79 for a new power supply.

I was googling today for a replacement and saw there was a recall and a class action lawsuit on my model for this very reason - cords fraying due to stress, causing a fire hazard. The deadline for replacement was July 2013. According to the website, Apple is under no obligation to replace after this date. Here's the cool part: I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY NOTICE OF THIS RECALL. My brother's 2009 MBP 85W power supply was also included in the recall, and he wasn't notified, either...until I told him about an hour ago. Going to Genius Bar to try my luck.

These things were catching fire, and I had no notice?! I am pretty damn pissed off.

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