Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

Today I enabled Text to Speech on my Galaxy s3 just to see how TTS worked.

Now I can't turn it off.

My phone has been taken over by a lady bot on a power trip.

Now I can't scroll. I can't reach Hangs* Free Mode. (*Typo; keeping it)

I was finally granted permission to get to "Googly", as "she" pronounced it, but not without a lot of effort, screaming, and launching the phone on a quick trip across the room.  Round trip.

Once on Googly, I was allowed to type (as she read along) "text to speech disable gluxy s3". I was allowed to fix typo. However, without the ability to scroll, I couldn't see past the first few search results. Clicked one link that seemed promising, but - right; I can't scroll down web pages, either. I'm only able to "hear" the first paragraph of any "how to" tutorial page, replete with bizarre pronunciations. She repeated it over and over and over every time I desperately tried to swipe back.

I tried muting it (her?) because AAAGH and it slowly announced, "". That's as low as I could get it.

I should have made that left toin at albukoikee.

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