Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where, oh, where has VRevis been?

Yes, I'm still alive. I have totally been slacking on updating my website. I don't even have my last two videos up there, yet!

I'm working on a project right now. Actually, taking a break from it for a few hours because I've been staring at this laptop monitor so long my eyes hurt. This is day 4? 5? I'm doing a lot of greenscreening, so, no kidding, I'm seeing red. Everything has a red tint to it. Hopefully this is not permanent! o_o

This is the project I was supposed to have done with Mr. Shy in NYC in June, but, hell, I was in NYC and wanted to see the city. So we didn't get a single thing done on this video. Now Mr. Shy and I are doing this the hard way, over the internet. I'm filming down here in Atlanta, and he's up in NY trying to get his lighting set up for his greenscreen shots. This is definitely the most complicated video I've ever done, the most challenging, and the most fun. AND the most time and space consuming. I have, so far, about 12 GB of avi files (190 clips), .wav files, .mov files, .jpg, .mp3, .flv, .swf ... and this is without the Mr. Shy footage! I have had to move stuff to my external drive once already because I'm running low on disk space, and I'm going to have to do it again. What's frustrating is that I have about 60 GB of free space on my OS X partition, but my game and all my software is on the Windows partition (believe me, if I could afford to buy everything for Mac, I would!!), and I have a whopping 5 GB of free space left. And anyone who works with .avi or .mov files knows that ain't gonna last long...

I'll post a few shots to show what's going on, so far:

The promo pic (Sim Shy's outfit is a recolor I did, myself, to match real Shy's outfit. I also did the Mr. Shy t-shirt, modeled after the one available on his shywear site:


Overhead shot of all the sets as it looks right now (that is a LOT of green!). There is the set I used for the opening sequence, and I had to build an identical set facing the other direction. The way the light was shining on the greenscreen outside the window was messed up in the original. So the second one is purely for greenscreen purposes:


Some trees with a cartoon effect applied:


You'll see what this is all about when the video comes out:


Shep is a very unhappy camper. And this was all for naught, because I realized I had him in the wrong outfit, and had to change him and redo the shot:


A disgruntled sim-actor has the strength of a thousand. No exterior siding can withstand the power of Shep's fist!


Sim Shy, the star of the video (well, he shares top billing with real Shy):


This is a very trippy video. It's a lot of fun, and it's a LOT of work. But I'm in the Zone, so I'm focused. It's coming along pretty quickly, all things considered.

I'm hoping that this will be ready for release in a week or so. If things go well, maybe sooner. But don't hold your breath on that one!

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