Sunday, August 10, 2008

Superstar Update

Hey, folks!

Just a quick update on the progress of Superstar...

But before I go there, I am having website woes. My site's home page is showing as a blank, black page. To see my actual page, now you have to go to

I don't know what happened, I haven't changed anything, haven't TOUCHED my site in if anyone can help me on this, I'd appreciate it. My site is linked to in many places, and it would be a huge huge pain to have everyone change the link. Anyone know how to get the index page to point to the original link???

As for Superstar:

I've done 45 test renders, and it's looking good, coming along very well. Mr. Shy has done a teaser promo for it on his site (click the banner below!), so you can see that this will be a!

Since my last update, which was August 2, a LOT has been accomplished. It's very much a learning process, as well as an exercise in patience, since I'm used to working on my own, and getting videos done virtually overnight. Not this one, no way!

We've switched to a new approach: I am fleshing out the rest of the video, then will have Mr. Shy do the rest of the shots I need. This will be more effective than the old way, because a.) it will save Shy the trouble of redoing shots because I asked for them before realizing the animation I was going for couldn't be done in the game, or I decided to go a different route altogether, and b.) will keep me and Mr. Shy on speaking terms because of the afore-mentioned reason. KIDDING! Mr. Shy is a good sport about all I'm putting him through.

Right now the video timeline is about 75% finished. Much of it is done with 4-5 video tracks layered on top of each other, so rendering this stuff out for the test renders is taking much longer than a single - or double - video track would!

I officially ran out of harddrive space on my macbook pro, yesterday, and had to transfer all the Superstar files to my external drive - 20+ GB, so far. The convenience of my laptop's portability is rendered null when you take into consideration that you also have to "port" along an external drive, multiple cords, an external mouse, and headphones.

I am compiling some clips and pics for an "outtakes" reel, because some funny stuff has been happening. This will come out after the video's release. Right now, things are still pretty much hush-hush as to the video, itself.

I'm hoping this will be ready for release within the next week, but I have been saying that for about two weeks, now. But I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, finally.

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