Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Okay, okay, I'm a dork.

I was talking to a myspace friend last night, to whom I had given the link to this blog, and I got the distinct impression from his reply that I have gotten...er...mindnumbingly boring, regarding my enthusiasm for and confusion about my new Mac.

No more techie-speak. No more rambling on about graphics-adjustments (although I was hoping to get a little HELP from some mac-users on that particular issue, but, luckily, my bro is one of them there mac users and shed some much needed light on my...


I'm doing it again.

I can't help it. I try to be cool (hahahahaha) and funny and clever and witty, but, DAMMIT if I'm not a dork, anyway. So, I heart my computer. I spend hours learning about exciting stuff like viruses, spyware, modifications to system settings, performance-enhancers...it's like heaven.

I'm in tears at this realization. I must go emo for a sec...

I feel better.

Does the fact that I am an avid People magazine reader offer any redemption whatsoever? How about Cosmo??? Okay, the ace up my sleeve...I read the Enquirer on occasion. Okay, frequently, though I rarely buy it. I stand at the line in the grocery store and frantically look for all the goodies displayed on the cover, and if I can't find them in time (stupid confusing table of contents!!!!!) I will suck it up and buy the magazine.

I love seeing how celebs look without makeup. Angelina Jolie is wasting away. Paris Hilton...omg is she on the streets, again??? Has she been freed??? Are we safe?! Where's Nicole Ritchie? Oh, she's right over there next to Lindsay. Wait. Where's Lindsay??? I swear to god they're both there. I can see their names in the caption. You just have to really squint to see the girls, themselves. But they're there. They are ALWAYS there.

Okay, I've strayed from the topic a bit, which is a good thing since I'm writing about how geeky I am.

Update on CJ:

Forum is still public. High unexplained activity on July 1, 2007. Record number of users online: 98. I was not among them.

Videos: Still don't have my game installed. I hate the installation process, or the Disk Hokey Pokey as my good friend RT calls it. Put the first disk in, take the first disk out, put the second disk in, and you shake it all about!

I have been asked to do a secret video project for another site. It's in the works, and the files are still on the old computer. It will be done under an alias. Will resume work on that once things are properly set up on the mac, and then I'll get back to Bogus. Or porn. Or both. (I think the secret to offsetting the techni-dork in me is to follow any reference made toward my mac with a comment about porn. Or just the word "porn", itself.)

I am slacking in updating my site. I have some Ask Joe questions to put up, and, come to think of it, Joe has been slacking in his department as well. I need to put him back to work. There is a question on my forum with no reply from Joe, yet. It's been there for weeks. Tsk, tsk.

I must take off, now, and install SP2 on my laptop so that I can start installing my game files.


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