Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hit me!

How long has it been since my last video? My last "legit" video, anyway? May. Pathetic. Of course, I did have computer problems, and my personal life was kind of taking precedence over everything else, but...what the hell. I'm doing pretty good, now, and ready to get back to work. I just don't know which project to go with!!!! There are about 5 different directions I want to go in, simultaneously, and I'm at a stand-still. I need an entire production team to implement everything I've got going on in my head. ADD is a beotch.

Obviously I can't delegate, since Sims2 videos are a one-person-job (once you get into the actual production of them, that is. I am not referring to EA, itself, modders, custom content creators, etc. That would up it to about, oh, say...a gazillion.) And part of the fun is to be able to say, yes, I did the storyline/concept, yes, I did the set design, I did the directing, I did the camerawork, I did the editing, yes, yes, and yes....the only thing I can't say is "yes, I did the soundtrack". Yet. And I'm one of those people who finds it hard to delegate, anyway, so even if I wanted to tell someone else to take over part A while I do parts B,C,D, and E, I couldn't.

But, man, I have this shiny new powerhouse of a laptop, and my feet are stuck in cement, creatively. That sucks. I'm waiting for the moment to hit me, as it has with every video I've done so far: BAM! "THIS is the video I'm doing!". Nine times out of ten, it's not something that I've had on the drawing board, it was something I ended up totally winging. That's a frustrating way to go about things because I'm completely dependent upon inspiration to hit.

So, hit me, dammit.

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