Saturday, July 21, 2007

New stuff

All right, so it's not quite a VIDEO video, but I did do it in the video editor...

I put up a new slideshow of old pictures on the Cuppa Joe website. This covers (mostly) the Uni part of the game, when Josh Broke-Bayfield came into his own. If you're a Josh fan, this is very Josh-centric!

I could not get flash to cooperate with me, so I ended up uploading both slideshows to Google video. I'll work on that flashplayer, though. Not sure what's up with that.

Keep in mind when you watch those slideshows, these pics were taken back when the game first came out, and when Uni first came out. The first one had pics taken using a crappy video card, and many had to be touched-up by hand. The second (Uni) one had a better graphics card, but I had not yet gotten used to putting walls up and keeping plumbobs out of the pics. As these slideshows continue to be produced, they will get better and better, because my photography has improved drastically, since then.

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