Friday, June 29, 2007


I have a mac, now. The one I've been eyeing Since last summer, probably. It has a lot of neat gadgetry, it's a real powerhouse, gonna be great for video-editing. I really truly love it. Now if only I knew how to USE it.

I still have my other laptop, but my dad will be taking over that one once I get everything installed on this one. And then it will be no more pc for me, except for the one I use at work.

This is completely mind-blowing to me. I'm pretty comfortable with computers. I know my way around. A pc, anyway. But today when my brother brought over the cool black box (like my Ipod Nano box, only huger!), everyone gathered around and oooohed and ahhhhed...I turned it on, got things set up, then had a little bit of trouble after I was done with the product registration. My brother helpfully explained "You close the window on the LEFT side, now." Ah. How embarrassing. So then I typed in my username on one of my accounts and messed up by hitting "caps lock" instead of "a". I can't be VAl. I just can't. I stAred blAnkly At the (bAcklit!) keyboard, And sAid "how do I go bAck and fix this???"

"The delete button", bro says. Of course. But what if I don't want to delete everything, I just want to go back and change a letter or two? You know, like the arrow keys did on my pc? I was nearly in teArs.

My brother pointed out that I use the arrow keys. Just like on my pc. It was the "home""page""end" stuff thAt threw me.

I still cAn't figure out if the cursor must be in FRONT of the letter(s) I want to delete, or if there's A wAy around thAt. Definitely going to tAke some getting used to.

I was trying to post on my forum, and I was using the built-in mouse. Somehow I kept pulling up the calculator, clock, and weather report. Noooo...don't need that at the moment, thank you. Just want to post. But it was kinda cool how it was all 3-D and stuff.

So, it's like I've never used a computer before in my life. I feel somewhat helpless at the moment. I'm learning, though. I have my bookmarks set up in Safari, and my passwords all saved, and I changed my desktop, the time zone...

I have no idea how to find the settings for the graphics card. I don't see "Nvidia" anything anywhere. I found how to change my display resolution, how to adjust the colors, but not how to tweak the graphics. Where's "computer management???" I'm losted! There's no "My Computer", no "My Documents", a whole new bunch of file extensions to figure out. "Shortcuts" are now "aliases".

I got a .wmv file to play in Quicktime by randomly clicking things until it opened. I had to download something. Or something. See how stoopid I sound? I have no idea what I'm doing! As much work as I do on a computer, I have to, at the very least, know how to minimize a window! It's a giant leap from there to video-editing. Oy.

But, hey, this thing hAs a remote control!!! How cool is thAt? And the power jAck is magnetic, so when I trip over the cord, the notebook doesn't come crashing to the floor. It's VAl-proof!!!

I hope my next blog entry reads a little more intelligently than this one does.

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