Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This was too insanely funny not to share. Background: Last night I had been texting with two friends and making the most insane typos. Much of what I wrote was gibberish. At the time, I blamed it on the 3 glasses of wine I had with my Dad (call it a pre-surgery "celebration") - even though I was simultaneously posting on Facebook from my laptop just fine. (Yeah, had some time on my hands last night...)

This morning I discovered the REAL reason why my iphone's autocorrect was acting so obnoxiously.

Notice anything unusual, here? (Hint: I speak ENGLISH)

That little globe thing next to the space (espacio) bar switches the keyboard to spanish. How I did not notice this last night, I do not know. So, basically, my iphone was autocorrecting my english as spanish. But remember, I did not know this at the time.

So, here we go! Text convo screenshots, and the corresponding FB posts! (All real names have been edited)

Here's convo #1. Immy thought I was hammered, and I couldn't explain I wasn't! My phone was outta control!

Here's the conversation going on over on Facebook at the same time as the texting. Immy thought I was just making typos because of the wine! Nooooooo...

Immy went to sleep because, at 22, he's apparently become "old and prudish". So my aussie "Female Friend" and I got vabbly. "Vabbling" is a term my forum members came up for my chatty moments. Val + babbling. Get it?

"Female Friend" and I decided to have some fun with it, and just let the auto-correct do its job, without us correcting it back. I still didn't realize mine was in Spanish. As should be expected by now (see VRevis: Pornographer), my entrance was a memorable one. Kramer the "Assman" ain't got nothin' on me! [/Seinfeld reference] (Ha - blogspot reads html ">" as actual html...really? Seinfeld reference is an html command??) So while I spoke spanish gibberish throughout the conversation, my "Female Friend" posted random whacked-out fortune-cookie-type stuff.

(To explain that last bit with the picture of my sheet, I accidentally took a pic of my sheet, somehow got stuck in MMS mode, and couldn't get back to the regular conversation. The only way I could get back was to send her the pic, which was very random of me, yes?)

The Facebook threads follow us along.

"I meef a translatoe!"

THE END. (...or is it? )

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