Sunday, May 15, 2011


I finally start playing and working with TS3, and discover I need to upgrade my RAM, because of random crashes due to "insufficient memory". Jeez. Luckily it's cheap to do so, but still, the system requirements of this game are ridiculous! I'm almost tempted to reinstall it on OS X because Windows is teh suxxorz, but then I saw the problems people were having with a Mac install. I guess I'll stick with the lesser of two evils and go with the RAM upgrade. Either way, it's unavoidable. I need MORE POWER. Without it, future EPs and videos will probably fry my logicboard. Been there, done that... under warranty. Applecare has officially expired. You see why the panic? (Oh yeah, I'm panicking. And I forgot how to spell "panicking". Spellcheck got me the first time. Ha - apparently "spell check" is two words. Got me again!)

For those who ask (and I get this a lot), "Why oh whyyyyyyy do you use Windows on a Mac?!": SHUDDUP.

(Seriously, it's because buying all my software for Mac would be about as much as buying a brand new MBP. So bootcamp it is! I use OS X for my general cyber needs.)

Frustrated, just venting. Wanna play. Can't. Waah.

In other news, I'm a first time aunt! My brother's wife had a baby girl on May 9. My niece is adorable. I'd show you pics, but

Just imagine a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally cute baby with LOTS of black hair! <3


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