Monday, August 10, 2009

God will fix my EA account. I have faith.

Been a little while since my last update. RE: the EA borkened account situation: the second ticket was closed after being escalated to a higher authority. After 100 "escalations to higher authorities" I can only think that EA is now calling upon Divine Intervention. Ticket #3 was submitted to God, along with text files of the previous tickets, so I didn't have to go through the whole song and dance, again. I just hope the helium balloon holding the ticket made it all the way up...

Video: I got nothin'. Sorry. As much as I'd love to do a video, I gotta first make some room on my harddrive, which I actually did, so that is no longer a valid excuse. I tested a few scenarios out, have two projects planned, but got no farther than wardrobe on the female character.

In other news, I will be moving Shep's blog "Of Angst and Shepitude" to blogger. It's set up, Shep just hasn't posted, yet. Someday, children, someday. Seems we're both in a creative rut.

And because I need some "filler", here, a curious thing I have noticed in my referring url log: I have several recurring referring urls leading to my forum and this blog. The most popular recurring url for this blog, just after anything Sims Creators' Camp-related, and google searches on my name (why do you people do that? Haven't you figured out by now I'm not in the least bit interesting?), are a google search for "upskirt accidental nudity", ya pervs. Probably because of this entry. As for the forum's referring urls, I can thank my status this past year as an internet meme in a small segment of the Sims community for driving many folks to my index page. I am legend.

I have much more to update you on, a bunch of nothingness, but it's what I do best. But the time is now coming up on ... oh, hell, it's PAST 4:30 am, now! My son starts highschool today, and I must be up in a few hours to see him off. So, sleep beckons.

Before I go, Shep wanted to close with this:

"Until next time, children, peace out."

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