Saturday, March 7, 2009

Custom Content Creator's Camp: hanging out at the Sofitel

Well, I promised an update on days 3-5 of the Creator's Camp in January. This is sorta kinda an update...

I don't have my external drive with all my pics on it with me at the moment (I am out of town), but I do have a short video of a few of the custom content creators goofing off in the lounge of the Hotel Sofitel on night 3.

Video description reads:

Recorded January 14, 2009, Sofitel Hotel, Redwood City, CA. Trying to figure out Josh's "Jimmy Whoops" game. Pictured: Lightside, teasingmeat, Decorgal, Darlene from SterlingSims, Ehaught58, TheSidDog, Josh from WorldSims, Ehaught's wife. Not pictured: me, filming with the ol' Canon Powershot after a couple $12 glasses of Riesling. Sorry about the camerawork. I blame strong California wine and low tolerance. Yes, it's dark. It's a LOUNGE.

I also have to add that YouTube's quality made the video darker than it should be. I have more videos to come. They have not been converted, yet, but there's some fun stuff. Good times at the Sofitel. Stay tuned for that!

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