Sunday, June 8, 2008

May the Best Man Win!

This is not a video I intended to showcase, but I'm doing it, anyway! All over the frickin' place. Gotta get those views, somehow.

I write a blog on Sims99, voiced as my Bogus character, Shep, and it's been quickly gaining in popularity. Shep won the very first Sims99 "Blogger of the Week" award, last week (shout-out to Dwelliford!). Shep's shtick is to be as vocal as possible, but never have anything to write about. So he makes something out of nothing.

For"Shep's"...latest entry, "Oh, It's Been Broughten!", I had been, as usual, stuck for material (Shep comes by his "shtick" honestly). And I have this self-imposed deadline that was creeping up on me. I knew I *had* to do something with the fact that Shep's feature video, "Only", had won Best Film in February, and his twin brother, Scott's video,"Only Time", had won Best Film in May over on Sims99. There was already some fraternal competition brewing because...well...Scott married Shep's girlfriend. SO, the idea of a contest of Olympic-sized proportions, to win the love of a girl, was born. Let the drama ensue! Or the comedy, as the case may be.

This was not made with the intent of ever being reviewed, so it's not polished. I literally did this, from conception to final render, in 9 hours, max. I didn't even make a proper credit roll. I accidentally left out the name of the artist who did the music, Bill Conti. I made the video just for the blog entry, but was talked into submitting it, because - hey - I'm a sucker for flattery.

Here's a link to Shep's "award-winning" blog (*wink wink*), for the background story:

Of Angst and Shepitude

Hope you enjoy!

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