Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Cuppa Joe Christmas

This isn't what I'd planned on doing, but I couldn't get in the right mood to work on my other projects. On the way to Zaxby's the other night, I decided "I'm going to do a Christmas video!". The next two days were spent trying to get the daggum Holiday pack (which I had, but lost, so I could get Santa in my game), and a major MAJOR custom content downloading spree. I also moved a few of my sims into a beach lot that was slapped down in the middle of the city, and completely revamped it, turning it into a cabin, and the back greenhouse into a barn.

I did not credit the creator of the original house in the credits, because I couldn't remember who made it! Now that the video is up, and the credits have rolled, I know who it is. Of course. The original lot is by Mirelly, and is not available for download. This is what it looked like as a beach lot (pics provided by Mirelly):

And the overhead shot of the ground floor:

These are a couple of pics I took of the revisions I did to it. Cabin reincarnation:

Overhead shot of ground floor (with a tub that needs some new plumbing, and a side door that was left wide open):

And another shot of the front, because I love this house so much:

Here's why I had to be careful with my camera shots:

The view across the street:

The lot across the street is actually the lot I used for the London Bridge video:

And the neighborhood screen view (notice strategic placement of forest, which has a monorail running through it). This is the section of town in which all my filming lots are placed. The club from You Don't Know and U + Ur Hand (which used the same lot) is just down the street. :

And, finally, here is the actual link to the video on YouTube:

A Cuppa Joe Christmas

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