Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Don't Know

YES, the new video is up. For the third time! The first time I uploaded it, I felt like it was just good to be getting into the practice of doing videos, again, but it wasn't something I felt was my best work. It was good, but lacked punch. Plus a lot of my forum members told me the guy shoulda gotten what was comin' to him (you'll know who I mean when you see the video), so I took it off YouTube, and shot a few more scenes. Put it back up. Took it back down, and polished it up, little things that most people wouldn't notice, but would agree things smoothed out a bit the third time around. Changing the speed on clips, remixing the clips a bit, those kinds of subtle changes. I'm proud of the final version, now. It's doing well on YouTube, has 6 honors (which are so fleeting they're hardly worth getting excited over), and 5 stars (also fleeting, but I'm happy to have them, now).

It's not on my site for download, but I have the embedded Google one up (I don't allow external embedding on YouTube). I took down my downloadable files because people have been downloading them and uploading them as their own. Grrr. Forum members, of course, always have access to the downloadable files, which are so much better in quality. Shame.

Here's the YouTube link. Enjoy!

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