Thursday, January 6, 2005

New Year's Resolution

This year I resolve to blog until I'm blue in the face. Er, blog until my face turns blue. until your face turns blue. Something about blue faces, anyway. Can't remember the exact expression. "Expression" is , of course, referring to the phrase I'm trying to remember, not the face. I'm sure if I saw someone with a blue face I would remember that expression. It'd probably be one of panic- "Help me! I can't breathe!" Or "Help me, I'm frozen!" . Of course if that blue-faced person were actually frozen, he probably wouldn't be able to move his facial muscles to make much of an expression. It would be a wooden expression, like a creepy-ass doll. With a blue wooden face. And he'd be very cold. I will have many nightmares tonight.
Back to the "blogging till I'm blue in the face thing, it just occured to me that the phrase probably wouldn't apply, anyway. I think you "talk until you're blue in the face" (or until someone's face turns blue), which would make sense. Talking too much = not breathing as much as necessary to maintain that rosy glow. I am typing. So I will modify my resolution as such: This year I resolve to blog until my fingers turn blue. Which would be funny since I have a green thumb. Ba dum bum. That was a joke. All my plants are dead. Which gives me the blues.